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Bullied Boy Gets Help From The Most Unlikeliest Of Places

Every child has at one point in their life struggled with bullying and while most of the time, adults overlook this issue as harmless teasing, it can leave life-long scars on a child’s psyche.

Learn how Burger King, the international food chain, has taken on the issue and is changing the perspective of kids and parents alike – through smashed burgers. And how one instance of bullying at Burger King started this movement!

Every Kid’s Nightmare

We won’t give too many details about the young boy who was the victim of bullying here, of course, to protect his privacy. Let’s call him Robert. The teenager never really fit in and liked to keep to himself.


He lived in a small residential community in Florida and didn’t have a big group of friends. Robert was quiet and preferred focusing on his studies, breaking up his routine by playing video games alone in his spare time.

Mean Teens

Sadly, being a quiet teen made Robert an easy target for bullies and while he could protect himself from them during school hours, afterwards it was a constant struggle. He was constantly harassed by a group of teens and had no help from anyone.

This has been going on for weeks and despite the bullying happening in public places, no one ever came to help Robert. Though, thankfully the young teen had developed a thick skin and never let the taught and teases get to him. But one day, the bullying took a frightening turn.

Approaching Him

Robert had learned to avoid the school cafeterias which was chock-full of bullies waiting to pick on up, so instead, he would go to Burger King to have his lunch after school in quiet. Happy to know that the bullies were around him there.


The young teen was minding his own business and enjoying a whopper and some fries when an ominous shadow was cast over his table – three of the meanest bullies from his school were standing over his table!

No Escape

The group of teens had an excited smile on their faces and to any outsider, it all looked harmless but Robert knew that these boys never meant well! And their true intentions were soon about to be revealed.

One of the teens shouted, “Hey kid!” started poor Robert and before he even had a chance to react, the three nasty teenagers had cornered him. They sat down at his table, blocking him in from both sides.

A Man Notices Them

Robert began to protest. “Leave me alone,” he pleaded. “What you got there?” the bully asked while looking at Robert’s lunch. While this all happened in minutes, to Robert it felt like hours.

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