Tips N Trickz Uncategorized For These Celebrities, Time Has Not Been On Their Side. See Your Former Favorite Celebs & How They Look Today

For These Celebrities, Time Has Not Been On Their Side. See Your Former Favorite Celebs & How They Look Today

Kelly Osbourne – Drug Abuse


The Osbournes are notorious for various reasons – having wild parties is just one of them. Kelly Osbourne is the daughter of previous Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne. She got addicted to prescription drugs when she had surgery to remove her tonsil. On top of that, she was also under a lot of stress when she discovered that her mother was battling cancer. When the addiction went out of hand, she went to rehab, but she had already put on a lot of weight and her face had changed for the worse. We hope she can turn over a new leaf soon enough!

Brigitte Bardot – Cancer Treatment


Famous Italian actress Brigitte Bardot was one of the most beautiful actresses of the golden age of Hollywood. Her beauty was incomparable. Though she has taken retirement from acting, she is still a very active person in various charity events and works tirelessly for animal rights. She is a cancer survivor and had attempted suicide once a long back. Maybe the chemotherapy used for cancer treatment made her look haggard but we’re glad she is still contributing to wonderful and relevant advocacies despite her age.

Janet Jackson – Extra Weight


In the 80s Janet Jackson was slim, hot, and beautiful. But that was all in the past. The brilliant singer, who has entertained us for decades now and has a net worth of $175 million, seems to have gained some weight over the years. The talented singer from the Jackson family showed the world that she didn’t need her brother’s support in order to gain stardom. She was a star in her own right. The Queen of Pop looks a bit different with a few extra pounds on her. However, we hope she gets rid of them soon and goes back to being hot and gorgeous like before.

Kathleen Turner – Alcoholism


Kathleen Turner will always be known fondly for her performance in Body Heat. The feminine beauty had many adoring fans. However, it was a health issue that drove her to drugs and alcoholism. Rheumatoid arthritis was the culprit here. The pain was so unbearable that Kathleen turned to alcohol to numb it all. But, the moment she understood how she was becoming dependent on prescription drugs and alcohol, she went to rehab. We are sure a healthy lifestyle, a light fitness routine, and a nutritious diet will help her get back to normal.

Kimberly Anne Scott – Substance Abuse


The ex-wife of famous rapper Eminem, Kimberly Anne Scott, is also the mother of Eminem’s daughter Hailie Scott. Kim Scott had an on-and-off relationship with Eminem. Close friends described them as a couple in genuine love but always having conflicts. Apparently, the two met when both were teenagers. They married, got divorced, got married again, and went through another divorce. Imagine, the amount of money spent on divorce attorneys. Kim fought substance abuse for a long time. In fact, her sister died of a drug overdose. No wonder, her face aged before time.

Clint Eastwood – Old Age


Legendary actor Clint Eastwood has had a great, fulfilling life. He has a net worth of $375 million and must have several investments that we do not know about. Though looks very old, he is happy with his life so far and admits it openly. What is the secret to his long life? Maybe not having any addiction! Despite his iconic look with a cigar dangling from his lips, Eastwood is a non-smoker.

Michael Jackson – Addiction To Prescription Drugs


The King of Pop won every music lover’s heart with hits like “Billy Jean”, “Thriller”, and “Beat It”. But, he himself was probably under a lot of stress, anxiety, or depression with all the attention and fame he was getting at the height of his career, not to mention the various disturbing controversies associated with him. Perhaps, all these were the reason why he took prescription drugs, which, instead of helping him, led to his addiction. Apart from that, he also underwent tons of plastic surgeries. In 2009, he passed away due to a drug overdose as the world stared in disbelief!

Pierce Brosnan – Heartbreak


Pierce Brosnan has always wowed us with his dapper looks. His portrayal of James Bond as a maverick, dashing investigator was more than convincing. However, his good looks started dwindling a few years back. It was easy to spot a bulging tummy and untrimmed beard. As far as we know, it was extreme sorrow that led him to age faster than usual. He had lost his wife of 11 years to ovarian cancer years ago, and in 2013, he lost his daughter to the same disease. We are glad that a bit of weight loss, diet, and a fitness routine got him back in shape.

Shannen Doherty – Cancer Survivor


Shannen Doherty’s most memorable performances were in Charmed and Beverly Hills 90210. Shannen entered the industry when she was still quite young and made a name for herself quite quickly. Since then, she became part of various TV soaps and serials. Later on, she was part of a few reality shows as well. Shannen was known as the typical “bad girl” of Hollywood. Getting in trouble in sets to being a difficult person to deal with paired with various legal issues have always kept her in the media frenzy. She had health issues for quite a long time now. In 2015 she admitted that she had cancer that had spread to her lymph nodes. However, after prolonged treatment, she declared, last year, that she has survived the deadly disease. Thankfully, years of working in the industry had helped her amass quite a big amount in her bank account.

Barbra Streisand – Natural Aging


Phenomenal singer Barbra Streisand has two Oscars, ten Grammy awards, one Tony, and one Emmy under her belt. At 75, she looks old with a receding hairline, wrinkles on her face, and a heavier body. She is one of those few people in the industry who believes in aging naturally. According to her, cosmetic surgery and Botox injections are not for her. With a huge bank balance, she can easily hire a personal trainer, nutritionist as well as financial planning advisor to help her in targeting the woes of aging.

Sophia Loren – Rhinoplasty


The beauty of Sophia Loren is beyond description. At 83, she remains active with all her engagements. Retirement homes can wait for a few more years. However, her beauty has faded with age. Her highly made-up face has lost the charm that wowed the world decades earlier. Sophia is candid about her cosmetic surgery history. She has confessed that she had a rhinoplasty, popularly known as a nose job, at a very young age. She also went under the knife as her lips felt too big. All she needs now is a fitness trainer and a financial planning advisor in her old age.

Joan Rivers – Addiction To Cosmetic Surgery


Joan Rivers got her first rhinoplasty surgery done when she was still in her college. Wonder where she got the money in her bank account? When most people struggle to get a decent credit score, Joan got her nose altered. It was the first but definitely not the last. A series of various kinds of surgery followed over the years. Being a great human being and a comedian, she often made fun of her addiction to cosmetic surgery. She also suffered from Bulimia Nervosa which started when she embarked on her weight loss journey. Her sudden death in 2014 was due to a minor surgery – she went into a coma and never woke up again. If she hadn’t been addicted to cosmetic surgery, perhaps she may have lived longer.

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