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Optical Illusions Pictures That Have Us Scratching Our Heads

Every so often someone snaps a picture that’s taken at just the right moment and a magical image is created. Sometimes it’s just a strange angle that makes it look like someone has a mile-long arm, other times it’s an awkward perspective that tricks our eyes into seeing something totally different than what’s actually happening. No matter the reason, the result is a picture that makes people pause and look twice in an attempt to figure out what exactly is going on.

On Reddit’s Confusing Perspective page, thousands of amateur photographers upload their own funny pictures to amuse and confuse the hub’s millions of subscribers. Here’s a sampling of the biggest head-scratchers in the bunch.

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When Your Brother Goes Full Ape Man

“The good news is we were able to reattach your severed hand. The bad news is it’s not where you might expect it to be.”

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Legs for Days

optical illusions

Dubbed “Despicable Me” legs on Reddit, this girl’s striped pants gave her the kind of long, lean stems that only look acceptable on cartoon villains.

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This Guy Skipped Arm Day at the Gym

It’s nice of the trade show vendor not to stare at this guy’s itty-bitty baby arm.

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No Pomp and Circumstance Here

Here we see noted scholar DJ Khaled receiving an advanced degree in Keeping It Real.

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Bald Squad Goals

Just a foursome of leather-headed homies out for a Sunday drive. Nothing to see here!

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Hey Dad, Where Are Your Legs?

This family was out for a pleasant hike when suddenly… this happened. Either dad was “shot out of a cannon,” as suggested online, or his legs are positioned behind his offspring in just such a way that they disappear, which is the more likely but far less hilarious option.

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Cat or Bird?

It’s a winking cat, but on first glance it looks exactly like a crow. How did this happen? Is it witchcraft? It’s witchcraft, isn’t it?

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Heads or Tails?

When your dog’s fluffy white tail provides the perfect face frame for your other fluffy white dog you know you’ve reached peak dog owner.

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Behold the Big Giant Kid Leader

No visit to Angkor Wat in Cambodia is complete without having a little fun with perspective. Move over, Leaning Tower of Pisa!

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The cows in Ireland sure are looooong.

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They’re Such a Menace!

Maybe your mom should find a new place to store her gigantic nuts. (Settle down; I know exactly what I wrote.)

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Fake News!

Usually I’m the one stuck behind the woman with huge hair in a crowd, but this time the shoe’s on the other foot!

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Listen Here, Ya Big Creep

Guy wearing sunglasses backwards on plane

Who wears their sunglasses like that anyway?

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Catch the Spinning Sun

Just when you thought ice skating couldn’t look any more difficult (or terrifying)….

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At Least He Painted His Nails

It’s great that dad got himself a nice fresh manicure to welcome his new baby to the world. First impressions matter!

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All Aboard the Magic Carpet

Sure you can give a speech, but can you give a speech on a hover rug?

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Forget Double-Decker Buses….

This one’s got to be 10 stories high!

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Your Arms Are on Backwards

This soccer player would probably make a great goalie, considering he’s half octopus.

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Very Long Legs

Imagine how tall he must be when he’s not kneeling.

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I’d be much more inclined to climb all those stairs at Machu Pichu if I could be ensured I’d see llamas ringing bells at the top. That’s the only reason I haven’t made the journey, to be honest. (Okay, there might be a few other reasons.)

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Baby, He Was Born This Way

“Doctor, is it normal for my toddler to look like an old man?”


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She Skipped Arm Day, Too

How can she even lift that massive cat with her string bean arms?

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Hottest Club in Kansas

If they don’t play “Cotton Eye Joe” I’m out.

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It’s the Chair Reflections, I Swear

A likely story! Looks like somebody had a little accident.

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That’s One Big Schnoz

Couple kissing

We’re not judging, just observing. Mostly.

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