The plane’s mysterious disappearance had become legend over the years. On a distant icy expedition, Dr. Landon’s team unexpectedly found the frozen aircraft. Capturing every detail with their cameras, they were filled with excitement. But a sudden sight inside the plane shifted the mood dramatically.


The team’s minds raced with endless questions and theories as they tried to make sense of the bizarre situation. Little did they know, this discovery was just the beginning of a series of strange and unsettling events that would unfold as they continued their expedition.

Something, or someone, was moving inside the plane, but what could be in there?  


They had no clue what it could be, and Dr. Landon eventually ruled that it might just be a trick of the light. Though wholly unsure if that could even be true. He wanted to make this discovery and find out what had happened to the plane. At that time, he had no idea in how much danger Dr. Landon was putting his crew… Despite the doubt in his mind, Dr. Landon couldn’t shake off the curiosity that consumed him.

He had to know the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of the plane. As they continued on their journey, the atmosphere on the ship became tense and uneasy. The crew members were on edge, constantly looking over their shoulders and whispering amongst each other. Dr. Landon’s determination to uncover the truth was admirable, but at what cost?


When they eventually entered the aircraft, it had been a haunting sight. Everything was frozen in time, but as part of the crew explored, the other part of the group noticed something truly unsettling. They were confident that this couldn’t be a trick of the light! They knew they had to warn Dr. Landon and their other colleagues! They had to escape!

However, it seemed that it was too late. As Dr. Landon and his crew ventured a bit deeper into the ice, finding out how the aircraft could have been lodged into place, they couldn’t believe what they saw. What did the group come face to face with? What had unsettled the onlookers? And most importantly, would Dr. Landon and his crew be able to get out unscathed?



Dr. Landon and his crew had been planning this expedition for months, and now they finally got the green light. The weather was finally deemed safe enough for them to venture through. The number of hours of sun had been crucial, so they patiently waited for their day to come. They had no idea that during their wait, the ice would give way to something incredible.

It hadn’t been sighted before by other groups, so when Dr. Landon and his crew got closer to their sight, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. A large chunk of ice seemed to have broken off during the winter break. Though that was incredibly sad, they couldn’t help but feel amazed by what they saw lay beneath the ice.


They even stopped the boat’s engine to ensure they could take their pictures without any disturbances. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing: a plane lost for at least a decade now found in the ice. It truly was a remarkable sight. It was something to write home about. Excitement filled them as they knew they would learn more about what had happened all those years ago….


Dr. Landon and his crew took a few more photographs of the airplane in the ice, how it seemed to be stuck there, and its sheer size next to the large remaining chunk of ice. However, as they discussed various hypotheses, they had no clue that one of their pictures had captured something that would soon turn their excitement into dread…


For now, the crew only knew they had to get closer to the plane. They restarted the engine of the boat. They knew before even thinking about the possibility of boarding the plane they had to ensure that under no circumstances a large piece of ice and, therefore, the airplane would fall into the ocean. If that were to happen, the team would be in big trouble…

They first had to send out an underwater camera to check how deep the iceberg that the plane was stuck in went. If the iceberg was smaller than the part from which the airplane protruded, there could be a high chance of the ice breaking. They knew they had to be a hundred percent certain as they wouldn’t purposefully endanger human lives.

Making a shocking discovery

Luckily, after gathering and calculating their finding, they quickly came to a unanimous decision that the ice would be safe to venture into. Though there was never a hundred percent certainty, they were all sure that a sudden break was highly unlikely. As the crew was preparing for their expedition, one of them made a staggering discovery.


Dr. Landon’s crewmember had started to review the photos for their expedition and found something rather staggering in one of them. She had to make sure that she was actually seeing what she thought she was seeing, but when she was sure, she knew that she had to show Dr. Landon. However, as she showed him, all he could think was: How did that end up there?

What was that?

As Dr. Landon looked at the photo, he couldn’t believe what he saw. It looked as if something was standing inside of the aircraft. Though shadows can always happen, even in crashed aircraft, it was strange that though multiple pictures were taken, this seemed to be the only time that the shadow could be seen…

As they all mulled over what it could be, Dr. Landon ruled that it must have been a trick of the light. Though unsure of his words, his crew decided to follow his lead even if Dr. Landon was uncertain of his own words. Nevertheless, he couldn’t let them notice this. He was their leader, and for this expedition to be successful, they had to examine what had happened to the plane.

Splitting up the group

After all their calculated data, they split the group in half. One part of the group would stay on the boat, calculate, and monitor the iceberg, ensuring the other half of the crew wasn’t in any mortal danger. The other half of the group, who would join Dr. Landon, would face something much more challenging…

Dr. Landon had brushed it off as being a trick of the light, but deep down inside he knew that most likely wasn’t true. This anomaly meant that he was partially sending in himself and his crew blind. They tried to mimic the pictures they had taken before, trying to catch a glimpse of the shadow. Regardless, nothing of that sort seemed to work…

Scanning his surroundings

The boat landed on the snowy landscape where one of the institution’s buildings was. Though it had to power through the harsh winters year after year, it always stood in good condition. This was a good thing as Dr. Landon’s part of the crew took the snow scooters to go to the airplane stuck in the ice.

As they went on their way, Dr. Landon tried to keep an eye out for anything suspicious, but regardless of how much he looked, with everything being a crisp white, he found nothing… The nerves were now starting to get him, which wasn’t helpful in these situations. He had to remain level-headed, but for some reason, something just kept gnawing at him…

Cannot find it

They were nearing the coordinates of the plane, and they could see the watery depths again for the first time in what seemed like a long time. The dark blue starkly contrasted the white snow, but it helped him gather himself once more. “Stop!” He suddenly said as he saw movement. He could have sworn he had seen something in the distance!

His colleagues had all stopped on his command, but when they asked him what was wrong and he couldn’t pinpoint or explain what he had seen, doubts suddenly started to surface amongst his colleagues. He wanted to put on a brave face, but with the uncertainty of the situation and the strange things he had seen, he was unsure how to do it.

Into Uncharted Ice

“It must have been a trick on the eyes,” Dr. Landon stated. Maybe it had just been his paranoia over the photo. He gave the green light again for him and his crew to descend down the iceberg in protective gear and check out the crash. He was very curious about how the plane had ended up there and, more importantly, how it had remained undiscovered for all those years.

The cold Arctic wind bit at Dr. Landon’s team as they descended the glacier. Around them, an endless expanse of white, broken only by the distant crashed plane. Alice, the geologist, whispered, “This place feels untouched, uncharted.” Each step on the icy terrain deepened their sense of isolation and wonder. The solitude was almost tangible, adding to the team’s trepidation.

Signs of struggle

Closer to the plane, the damage was evident. The hull was brutally torn open, with debris scattered. Joseph, the aircraft expert, noted, “This wasn’t a simple crash.” Amidst the wreckage, peculiar gashes stood out, seeming out of place. Dr. Landon pondered, “These marks don’t fit the narrative.”


Dr. Landon, a skeptic by nature, couldn’t help but question the seemingly out of place marks on the wreckage. As they delved deeper into the investigation, the mystery only deepened, leaving everyone grasping for answers and the truth. What was the true story behind the damaged plane and the strange markings? Only time would tell.

Makings in the snow

Surrounding the plane were mysterious tracks. Emily, the tracker, pointed out, “These tracks are fresh, but who or what made them?” The eroded prints hinted at a presence, neither human nor typical wildlife. The snow hid much, but the team’s curiosity grew. They were determined to understand..



The plane’s exterior told another story. Alongside crash scars were odd scratches, seemingly deliberate. Joseph observed, “These weren’t caused by the crash or weather.” Alice suggested, “Perhaps wild encounters?” Dr. Landon inspected closer, sure of a deeper meaning behind them…

Converging clues

As the team set up camp, they discussed their findings. “An old crash, recent tracks, and these scratches,” Dr. Landon began, “They hint at intertwined mysteries.” Emily added, “It’s as if this place holds layers of history.” The crew sensed that the plane and its surroundings concealed deeper secrets. Their quest for answers had only just begun.

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