Tips N Trickz Beauty These NBA Players Have Scored Big In Their Game And Relationships

These NBA Players Have Scored Big In Their Game And Relationships

Magic Johnson And Cookie Johnson – Together Since 1991

Magic Johnson has been faithfully married to his wife, Cookie Johnson, for 28 incredible years. The retired professional basketball player married Cookie in 1991 in a simple and private ceremony. The wedding took place in Lansing. The lovely couple was blessed with a son EJ who is openly gay and whose gender orientation was accepted and supported by both Magic and his wife, Cookie.

In 1995, the couple adopted a baby girl and named her Elisa. Magic and Cookie’s marriage has been tested with a lot of marital issues, but they have successfully conquered it all. The NBA star became a successful businessman and is very keen on entrepreneurship and investments to make his hard earn income grow. His wife Cookie is very supportive in every single way. The couple remains very much in love with each other since the first time they met.

Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto – Together Since 2008

Yvette Prieto is a popular Cuban model who worked with Julio Iglesias Jr., brother of pop singer Enrique Iglesias. Iglesias Jr.) was in a relationship before finding love in the arms of Michael Jordan, who was a member of the Chicago Bulls during his tenure. Active days.

The two dated for three years before finally settling down in 2013. Jordan shares three children with his ex-wife Juanita Vanoy. The marriage ended in divorce, and Juanita had custody of the children. Still, Jordan made sure to be a good father to his kids and make sure they had an enjoyable lifestyle. As the principal owner of the Charlotte Hornets, Jordan had enough money to secure his children’s futures.

Jordan and Prieto share Ysabel and Victoria, their two children, who maintain a high-profile lifestyle and we’re sure the majority of their wealth will go to their children’s futures.

LeBron James And Savannah James — Together Since 2013

LeBron James and Savannah have a perfect little love story and it started from high school. She was in her teens (16) when the two met and fell in love! In 2004, when it was time for Savannah’s senior prom, they were close to giving birth to their first child. LeBron James Jr. turned out to be his dad’s best friend!

The year 2007 was one of the happiest for them as their second son was born. They let us know more about the secrets of their relationship, the secret formula that made their marriage the success it is today! Savannah is a staunch supporter of his wife and James feels she is there for him every step of the way.

Now that’s their secret formula, that is super simple to follow just being there for each other no matter what! After years of building a rock-solid relationship, they went ahead and tied the knot in 2011. In 2014, their daughter was born and they were the picture of a happy family!

Karl Malone and Kay Kinsey – Together Since 1990

Karl Malone has gained worldwide popularity as one of the greatest all-around shooters in NBA history. During his 19-year career, he accumulated more than 36,000 points and played for the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers. He averaged 20 points per game in 17 of 19 seasons. Off the court, Malone has been with his wife, Kakinsey, for nearly three years. The couple have four children from a happy marriage. The two lead a fairly idyllic life, and a quick glance at Kay’s official account will give you an idea of their wonderful relationship. The two are often seen on vacations, it’s just that the two of them spend some quality time together. Their relationship only became stronger over the years, with Karl giving most of the credit to his significant other.


John Stockton and Nada Stepovich – Together Since 1986

John Stockton is one of the most popular faces of the National Basketball Association. His on-court skills were recognized by fans, and John accumulated some cash throughout his career.

While everyone knows about his career success, many of you probably know nothing about his personal life. Well, John has been married to Nada Stepovich for almost 36 years. She is the backbone of her husband’s life.

Like her father, Nada comes from a respected family. Mike Stepovich was the last territorial governor of Alaska. Nada and John share six children – two daughters and four sons – a happy family. We haven’t heard of any controversies or issues between the two, even after John retired from the NBA.

Tim Duncan and Vanessa Macias – Together Since 2013

Tim Duncan may have hung up his boots at the San Antonio Spurs but he’s still in the thick of things. After retiring from NBA, he’s now focusing solely on his family life with his girlfriend, Vanessa Macias, and their newborn child.

After retiring from NBA in December he appeared on a podcast, Road Trippin’ with RJ and Channing on Monday where he confirmed that he and his long-time girlfriend had welcomed their first child, a baby girl.

Duncan had said the baby was named after Peter Quill from the Marvel Comics character in Guardians of the Galaxy. He said that the made sense because Macias is an avid writer.

Vanessa has been a famous face on television as she has been a contestant on The Amazing Race for its 20th season. Well, we hope the two have a great life ahead with each other.

Charles Wade Barkley and Maureen Barkley – Together since 1989

Popular as Chuck, Sir Charles, as well as the Round Mound of Rebound among his followers, Charles Wade Barkley still remains an important figure in the National Basketball Association. The former basketball professional is having a great time as an analyst on none other than Inside the NBA.

Charles has always been known to speak his mind out. However, he has never divulged many details about his personal life. He has been in a marital relationship with Maureen Blumhardt for more than three decades.

The two chanced upon each other when Charles was plying his trade for the NBA outfit, Philadelphia 76ers. It was the early 80s that they met and eventually developed an attachment. After going around for some time, they eventually walked down the aisle in the year 1989. Together with their daughter, the couple is leading a damn good life.

Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wayde – Together Since 2008

Gabrielle Monique Union-Wayde is a popular American actress who is popular by her stage name Gabrielle Union. She rose to fame as an actor, voice artist, activist, and writer.


Gabrielle has been in the industry for close to three decades now. She began by doing guest appearances in movies until she landed a full-length role. She became an instant success with the teenagers and became a teen icon. Some of her most famous roles include, She’s All That, Almost Christmas, Think Like A Man, Breaking In, Bring It On, and 10 Things I Hate About You.

She tied the knot with former professional basketball player, Dwayne Wayde in 2014. During his active playing days, Wayde was with the Miami Heat of the NBA, when the couple first met. They were dating for six long years before they took the big plunge. And now the couple has a picture-perfect life with their daughter coming into their lives in 2018.

Shawn Kemp and Marvena L. Thomas – Together Since 1995

The former professional NBA star played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Seattle SuperSonics, Orlando Magic and Portland Trail Blazers. He was nicknamed the ruler. He was a six-time NBA All-Star and three-time All-NBA Second Team. Sean has amassed a net worth of $5 million. He has been happily married to Marvena L. Thomas since 1995. The couple has three children. Marvena has been a source of support for her husband, and the two remain inseparable. He has seven children from five marriages. However, it was Melwana that he was talking about openly. Sean’s eldest son, Sean Camp Jr., plays basketball at the University of Washington. We wish the couple all the best for the future. We want them to find all success, happiness and love in their lives.

Pau Gasol and Catherine McDonnell – Together since 2016

The National Basketball Association has produced some legends over the years and Pau Gasol is certainly among them. The retired Spanish basketball player has donned the jerseys of many a side throughout his stellar career and has earned a number of awards and accolades. He has won the NBA championships twice with the NBA side, Los Angeles Lakers.

He has also won a bronze medal and two silver medals at the Olympic Games for his country, Spain. Gasol is currently a member of the prestigious International Olympic Committee. Speaking about his personal life, Gasol got engaged to Catherine McDonnell in the year 2016 and tied the knot three years later.

Catherine has established her own identity in the business world, has an impressive net worth, and is a perfect companion for Gasol. She has recently given birth to Elisabeth, the duo’s daughter. Best of luck guys!

Jimmy Johnson and Rhonda Rookmaaker – Together Since 1999

James William Johnson or Jimmy Johnson as he is popularly known as is as good a former player as he is an American football coach and sports analyst. Johnson has been a head football coach for nine seasons on the collegiate level at the National Football League (NFL). His skills lay in the fact that he has been a great football coach for a college football national championship and a Super Bowl, for Miami and for the team Dallas Cowboys.

No doubt, his career has been a resounding success and his private life3 has been greatly successful as well. He has been in a marital relationship with an American hairdresser, Rhonda Rookmaaker since 1999. The duo celebrated privately among his close friends and relatives. in Florida Keys, Florida.

The couple tied the knot after dating for 15 long years. We are sure they share an amazing camaraderie.

Tracey Edmonds And Deion Sanders – Together Since 2012

Deion Sanders famous for playing for NFL and MLB is now hosts for the 21st and Prime podcast on Barstool Sports. He met Tracey Edmonds, a Hollywood producer, and businesswoman, for a premiere of the film she has produced. Though they didn’t talk much at the premiere, Sanders was immediately drawn to her.

The couple, soon after getting engaged and have been together for almost a decade. They are now living at their home in the ranch they own in Canton, Texas.

Although they have to travel to different parts of the country when work comes calling, they, come back to live in the place where their heart is. With both their net worths rising high steeply we are sure they are enjoying the time of their lives.

Joe Montana and Jennifer Montana – Together Since 1985

The retired NFL star was a part of the teams, Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. He has been successful in helping the Chiefs play its first AFC Championship Game in 1994.


Joe was also a part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2000. He is the 25th greatest athlete of the previous century, according to ESPN. He is one of the greatest clutch quarterbacks ever. His fans fondly address him with nicknames like ‘Joe Cool’ and the ‘Comeback Kid.’

Joe has been in a marital alliance with Jennifer Wallace Montana for thirty-four years. They met while going for a commercial shoot, and the rest, as they say, is history. The erstwhile National Football League player and Jennifer has four kids, and they have a picture-perfect family. With substantial money in their bank account, they have no financial worries to think about.

Sean McVay And Veronika Khomyn – Together Since 2011

Rams fans love Sean McVay, who leads their favorite team to the Super Bowl. McVay has improved the team’s performance since he joined Los Angeles Rams as the head coach.

McVay established a new philosophy in the NFL and has always been an inspiration for the young NFL coaches. Thanks to the NFL Championship, NFL Coach of the Year honor, his success with the Rams has turned the team into a force to reckon with in the championship.

McVay started dating Ukrainian model Veronika Khomyn back in 2011, and the couple is still together after a long decade. She is one of the most gorgeous non-playing NFL female celebrities, being McVay’s girlfriend. McVay is just in his 30s and enjoying the prime of his coaching career, while his girlfriend is also an aspirant model. We don’t think the couple needs a retirement home anytime soon.

Nick Mullens and Haleigh Hughes – Together Since 2017

Nick Mullens has been part of the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers. His performance in the field against the Raiders caught everyone by surprise. Being an NFL player will mean not only you but also your partner will be in the spotlight, and that’s what happened to Haleigh Hughes. Her relationship with Nick Mullens has made her popular globally!


She was born in 1994 in Mississippi and the closest that Hughes had ever come to sports is her experience in cheerleading. That experience helped her becoming an instructor at the Universal Cheerleaders Association.

You may not believe it, but these two lovebirds have been cooking up romance since high school! They wed in 2017, and their marriage has been pleased and joyous. Hughes is very supportive of her footballer husband’s career and cheers him on in social media. How sweet!

Dave Chappelle and Elane – Together Since 2001

David Chappelle has established himself as a stand-up comedian as well as a prolific actor. Popular among the masses for Chappelle’s Show, the satirical comedy sketch series, David has laid his hands on an Emmy Award five times and a Grammy Award three times. Aside from that, he is also the recipient of the prestigious Mark Twain Prize.


He has starred in various films, such as The Nutty Professor, You’ve Got Mail, and Con Air. Dave and his better half, Elane, have been together for close to two decades now. In an industry where relationships are quite fragile, staying committed to each other for almost two decades is appreciable.

We love Elane for being the pillar of support in her husband’s life. A divorce between them is simply out of the question. She loves her privacy and has preferred to stay out of the spotlight. We respect that.

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